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Frauen und B├╝cher - Eine Leidenschaft mit Folgen

By Stefan Bollmann

Wussten Sie, dass Marilyn Monroe eine passionierte Leserin war und eines ihrer Lieblingsb cher der Ulysses von James Joyce Dass der Studienabbrecher Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock 1750 die Dichterlesung erfand, als er einer Schar junger Frauen seine Od...

Living in the House of Drugs

By Christine Keleny

As a child in 1980s, Chicago Willie stole to help feed his brothers, sister, and himself In grade school his teacher told him to have his parents help him with his homework, but his mother, the only parent around, didn t know how As a young man Willi...


By Nancy Campbell Allen

Jon Kiersey awakes in a hospital to one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen, and the news that his brain tumor is benign Funny he doesn t remember having a brain tumor, and he has no idea who this woman is.As Jon tries to discover who...